will start on Friday-October 14th

Hello JSS Students and Families!

Did you know that this is the 12th anniversary of JUST RUN!®  at JSS?!?!  Our hats go off to Coach Shannon Gamble, who founded and ran our program for many years! 

         Many thanks to Coach Heidi Ficarra for doing an outstanding job of keeping this program alive and well last year. 

    This year Coach Trischa Tuesta (pre-K) has generously offered to take the reins of this great program. We are excited to be coaching JSS JUST RUN!®  this year, and look forward to seeing everyone after school on Friday, October 14th  from 3:15 to 4:15pm! For those of you who are new to JSS JUST RUN!®, it is an after-school program sponsored by the Big Sur International Marathon that has received accolades, both locally and nationally, for promoting health and fitness in our youth! We’re fortunate to have a great Physical Education program at JSS, so in our case, JUST RUN!®  is a fun addition to overall JSS fitness! It is free for JSS students in grades Pre-K through 8, and activities are planned to accommodate all different ages and abilities.  We try to meet once per week, gathering in the lunch area outside of the gym, where the students sign in with us, then the schedule allows for stretching, running, a snack, and a group game. Our goal is to have fun and be active!

    Although we don’t usually meet on half days, we may even squeeze in a few of those! And please know that if your child attends Extended Care, they can still participate! We will walk your student back to Extended Care at the end of JUST RUN!®. 

    This is an incentive-based program with periodic rewards for accumulated activity (including parent-verified activity at home) and good deeds! Our program is flexible, so if your child is unable to attend every week due to other commitments, he/she may track outside activity and report it when able to attend.  Last year, our students accumulated enough miles to run across Americaand then some! (And some of our runners even participated in 3K and 5K fun runs sponsored by the Big Sur International Marathon!)

    On October 14th we’ll give our JSS JUST RUN!® participants the necessary forms to continue through the year. (If you’d like them ahead of time, please e-mail me at Nmonicalal@aol.com.)

    Of course, we always welcome parents to join us for JUST RUN!® In fact, Mrs. Calhoun and Mrs. Martis will be helping as well!  In addition, parents of participants have always been great about signing up to bring snacks for given dates – thank you!  Please let us know if you can help out by contacting Monica Lal.

See you all on Friday, October 14th!

Get ready to JUST RUN!®

Coach Trischa Tuesta  trischatuesta@gmail.com   (831) 333.6285
Monica Lal  Nmonicalal@aol.com  (831) 277.2279​

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