In the spirit of growing our community, the JSSPA is sponsoring a Fellowship Group. We will have varying events throughout the year. 


“JSS has a great sense of community and is very supportive of children and encourages academic success.” 

JSS Parent

JSSPA Members

President/Garden Club  

Monica Lal

Vice –President /Hospitality Coordinator

Lisa Huynh

Room Parent Coordinator

Corine Mink

Communications/Open House Coordinator

Julie Rosenau

Military/New Family Coordinator

Meagan Klipstein

Library Coordinator

Emma Vetter 

Parish Relations Coordinator
Veronica Vasquez-Cardenas

Pray the Rosary

We will meet on Wednesdays in MacMahon Center after dropoff and begin at 8:15. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

We will have a guide for you to follow so even if you have never prayed the rosary or if it has been awhile, we will help you.

“We so often pay attention to growing our children’s faith and not our own.”  -  JSS Parent

If you would like to send us your intentions, we will keep them in our prayers.

Please send to Bobbi Sosic

“JSS prekindergarten helps set the ground for the educational experience. The children understand what going to school is about. They mature and learn to follow direction and take the experience seriously while having fun."

JSS Parent


Hello Everyone,  WELCOME !

Our primary goal is to offer support to our teachers in conjunction with the room parents for the individual garden plots allotted to each class.

We also offer our support to our principal, Mr. Stewart, with small projects around the school and have a goal of effectively planting drought tolerant plants in our garden and lunch area in the 2016-2017 school year.

This will be our second full year and we would appreciate any and all support in our endeavor.  We would like to meet on a monthly basis on weekends, but may meet on an occasional Wednesday or Friday afternoon.  An hour or two here and there are always helpful as well. Kids are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Monica Lal –
(Cora Derbin -5h/Lydia Derbin – 2nd)

Welcome to our New and Returning Families,

Junipero Serra School Parent Association (JSSPA), oversees annual volunteer fundraising efforts, such as, the Carmel Mission Fiesta, and AT&T Babysitting. JSSPA organizes the Garden Club and Library volunteers. In addition, the JSSPA coordinates volunteers for room parents, Art Show projects, classroom projects, and family fun nights. JSSPA also manages outreach to both military families and new families, as well as outreach endeavors with the Parish. To contact JSSPA, please email